Regulations for the EAG Expert Forum

This document describes the goals and objectives of the Eurasian Group Expert Community Forum, the principles and forms of interaction within the framework of the EAG Expert Community Forum, as well as the rights and obligations of the electronic platform participants.

EAG Expert Community Forum is an interactive portal, created for the cooperation of experts in AML/CFT from international organizations, public authorities, private sector, research and teaching. The Forum is in the "Expert Community" section on the EAG website.

Goals of the Forum:
The Forum was established within the EAG in order to discuss the most important issues concerning international, regional and national AML/CFT systems and individual initiatives in this area.

Tasks of the Forum:

  • Setup of professional communications and exchange of views among experts on the most pressing AML/CFT issues.
  • Drawing attention to the most relevant AML/CFT issues in order to elaborate joint decisions in the field of legislation and standards.
  • The target audience of the forum is representatives of international organizations, public authorities, private sector, research and teaching environments.

    The forum discusses thematic materials, public documents of the FATF, typological reports, questionnaires, research devoted to AML/CFT within the EAG and other international, regional and national platforms in the field of AML/CFT. The results of the discussions are used:

  • in the activity of the working groups and Plenary meetings of EAG;
  • in the development of appropriate policy initiatives;
  • for research and study of EAG typologies;
  • for consultations with the private sector within the framework of the EAG;
  • for the production of information materials within the framework of the EAG.

  • In case of the use of materials and comments within the framework of the EAG provided by users of the EAG Forum, the EAG will inform such users without fail. The use of information and comments of forum users within the framework of EAG is carried out with the obligatory references to the expert who provides the commentary.

    Individual experts, who become the most active participants in the forum, will be invited to participate in specific activities of the EAG, which are relevant to the specialization of the experts on the forum.

    These Regulations are designed in accordance with:

  • Concept of EAG CIS (Common Information Space);
  • EAG Strategic Action Plan for 2009-2011;
  • Information and communication strategy of EAG;
  • Terms and definitions:

    User (guest) is any person, who has access to the forum via the Internet, and who has registered.
    Administrators - persons exercising control of the forum and other activities associated with its use, including moderation of content and user authorization.
    Moderator - administration staff representative, who develops the content and performs semantic and technical control over the placement of materials on this site, who has the right to post, edit and delete content, as well as delete inappropriate comments.
    Personal profile of the user Ė a section of the forum, available to the user after registration, containing data about the user, his picture, as well as means for editing this information and other settings, associated with the use of the forum.
    Private messages are messages of private character in an electronic form transmitted by one User to another, and also obtained in personal correspondence of the user with the Administrators of the Forum. The list of private messages also includes automatic mailings generated by the system.
    Community - community of experts, joined by thematic, professional or any other interests. Access to the published materials and comments to them is open to all registered users of the project Ė the community members.
    Account - a record, given to the user by the automatic system, when registering on the forum and further changes to the personal profile.

    By registering on the forum the user confirms his agreement to comply with the following Community Rules:

    1. Forum rules
    1.1 These rules govern the relationship between Editors and Users, arising from the use of the forum. Any activity on the forum means the registered user agrees with the rules of the EAG Expert Community Forum.
    1.2 These Regulations do not constitute the final document. Positions of the Rules can be unilaterally changed by the Editors of the forum, at any time, without the consent of the Users and without prior notification being sent to them.
    1.3 Editors of the Forum have the right to delete individual messages, to disable the ability to comment, either temporarily or permanently, to block the user's account, if he or she does not adhere to the Regulations of the forum.

    2. The rules of registration and provision of personal data
    2.1 The Expert Forum is a platform for professional communications, and therefore a mandatory requirement for all users is to provide real personal data, contact information, descriptions of jobs and positions, as well as personal photos.
    2.2 Registration of new users is carried out through the sending to the EAG Secretariat of an application for registration, or they can do that on the portal page, in the section entitled "Registration".
    2.3 Administrators of the forum ask the users, in case of loss of password, change of job or names, to update their information immediately, or seek assistance from the moderator.
    2.4 The user's personal data, provided during registration, are subject to the law on protection of personal data. The Administrators of the Forum maintain their confidentiality.
    2.5 To provide better understanding of the level of competence of each interlocutor, members must fill out detailed registration information, including work experience, participation in major projects, the scope of professional interest, perhaps even research papers, publications, and other biographical data.
    2.6 The picture of the userís face, whose personal data is provided in the registration form, is shown as an image, or if there is no picture, the user may post the flag of the country he or she is a citizen of.
    2.8 By providing personal contact information, the user confirms the acceptance of personal data validation.
    2.9 Registered users enter the general portal pages and change their personal information.
    2.10 Full access to the forum is available only after an account activation executed by the administrator - moderator. Account activation is carried out within 3 working days, and is based on the data provided. The moderator of the forum may request that the user provide personal information before activating the account.
    2.11 The Administrators reserve the right to refuse in activation any userís account.

    3. Posting rules and moderation
    3.1 Website moderation is provided by the Administrators.
    3.2 Materials are posted on the forum page on the initiative of the EAG, working groups, or the EAG Secretariat. Users have the right to initiate the posting of materials in agreement with the Administrators of the forum.
    3.3 After posting materials on the forum, all users are automatically notified about the posting of new materials and are invited to participate in the discussion. 3.4 Editors may remove comments unrelated to the topic of discussion.
    3.5 Any comments of the user about the removal of materials, comments, or blocking members are discussed with the Moderator only in personal correspondence. Discussion of proposals to remove or correct materials and comments including other users' comments is unacceptable in public comments. All proposals of this kind published on the forum are deleted by the Moderator without warning.
    3.6 The User may appeal against the actions of the Moderator in private correspondence, and in case when the User is dissatisfied with the decision made in correspondence with Administrators of the forum.
    3.7 Conflicts, appearing in personal correspondence, are addressed by the Moderators and/or Administrators, without publishing of results.
    3.8 Administrators of the forum may not respond to messages that do not require rapid response, as well as to messages that are outside the legal field.
    3.9 It is forbidden to use in the postings all capital letters or symbols designed to somehow express the emotional state of the author and draw other usersí attention to the title of the post.
    3.10 Users and Administrators of the site are prohibited to publish fragments of personal correspondence without the consent of all participants of this correspondence.
    3.11 The decision to block the account of the User is taken by the Moderator on the basis of any violation of requirements of section 1, or regular non-compliance with the recommendations of Section 3.
    3.12 Reprint of the comments made by Users, whose access to the site was restricted or terminated for violation of the Userís Agreement, may be considered as breach of the Userís Agreement.
    3.13 Administrators of the forum provide the right to free reproduction and distribution of printed materials with the following requirements: when quoting any material or a Userís comments, previously posted on the forum, in any other publications and resources, the person placing the material is required to provide a hyperlink to the URL source of this article.
    3.14 If the materials of the forum are used within the EAG projects, reference to the expert who provided the information will be made.
    3.15 To resolve any disputes, please contact the Moderators or the Administrators at the email address specified in the "EAG Secretariat" on the website

    4. Recommendations for working on the portal
    4.1 When making comments in the forum, please stick to the current profile issues.
    4.2 Avoid reprints of messages from other Internet resources; leave the link in the resource publications and a brief comment describing to what the link refers to. Links without comments are deleted by the Moderators without warning.
    4.3 Links to foreign resources are allowed only if these materials correspond to the topic of discussion.
    4.4 Comments, unrelated to the topic under discussion, are removed by the Moderators. Regular violation of this rule may result into the Userís account being blocked.
    4.5 Duplication of the same information in different sections is not desirable. It is recommended to do this only if you believe this message is thematically appropriate in several sections. Moderators may delete unnecessary copies.
    4.6 Do not provide short comments that consist only of iconic characters or curt answers ("Support", "Me too," "Disagree"). Try to provide a detailed support of your point of view.
    4.7 It is recommended to refrain from self-promotion and advertising of oneís affiliate businesses.
    4.8 When citing other people's comments, include only the piece that is required to understand your answer.
    4.9 It is desirable to break down very long comments into semantic paragraphs, for the reading convenience.

    Administrators of the EAG Expert Forum

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